Suburban Hot Water Heaters: Their Common Problems and Repair Instructions

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Long journeys and camping trips won't be enjoyable without some hot water from a suburban hot water heater. Lack of hot water supply while travelling makes dishwashing and showering bothersome, and this means you won't enjoy home luxuries on the road. Suburban hot water heaters come in 16-, 12-, 10-, 6-, 4- and 3-gallon models, and you choose them based on your needs. Most of these heaters have steel water tanks that are porcelain-lined, and they 'absorb' the electrolytic action using the anode rod. However, they develop some problems just like the home water heaters, and you should identify and fix them before they become expensive to handle. Here are the problems that most suburban hot water heaters develop and their repair instructions:

Pilot Outage

The pilot of the suburban water heater should always stay lit while in use, and it shouldn't fail to start. A weak gas control magnet or thermocouple hinders the performance of the water heater, and this means replacement. Clean the orifice or replace it if the pilot flame of the suburban water heater is poor. An experienced technician in water heater maintenance knows when the U-tube is blocked and how to remove whatever blocks it. They also adjust the gas pressure if the readings are sometimes inaccurate. A weak thermocouple should be re-positioned and tightened when loose to enhance its contact with the pilot flame.

Making a Noise

If your suburban water heater makes some noise while working, check some components before you go on with your long trip. A well-maintained water heater shouldn't produce a high-pitched whistle or popping sound. Corrosion and calcium formation in the electric water heater cause the high-pitched noise. Accumulation of mineral deposits cause the popping noise, and this affects both the gas and electric units. Your suburban water heater will whistle if its check valve has some stuck debris. An expert in water heater repairs should offer periodic maintenance, such as flushing and cleaning, or even replace the unit if the problem is severe.

Insufficient Hot Water

This usually happens when the U-tube and burner are blocked. Adjust the burner orifice holder, air shutter and burner itself if the air and main burner are improper. Check whether the temperature selector is faulty or out of place and reset the desired temperature. Place the thermostat against the tank and replace it if it's faulty. Contact a water heater technician to fix the misaligned flame spreader and improperly positioned bypass lever of your suburban water heater.

A leaking relief valve, sooting, lack of sparks on the electrodes and irregular ignition are additional signs indicating that a competent technician in water heater repairs should inspect the unit and fix the problem. Underestimating any of these signs will shorten the lifespan of your suburban hot water heater and reduce its efficiency. Fixing these problems in good time will make your long journey and camping trip more exciting and memorable.