BBQ Boats: Four Essential Features to Consider before Vessel Hire

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If you are thinking about holding a small party on the water, you should think about hiring a BBQ boat. This vessel combines the joy of floating on water with the pleasure of grilling food and eating in a cosy environment. This type of boat is inexpensive to hire in comparison with larger alternatives. And, it can be used in multiple water bodies, including lakes, calm harbours and intra-coastal waterways. If you are planning to hire a BBQ boat for the first time, you must choose the most appropriate vessel for your event. Here are some of the essential features that you should look for before selection.

Tough Construction 

You should consider the construction of the boat before making your decision. In general, it is advisable to choose a vessel with a hard hull as opposed to an inflatable. Hard hull BBQ boats are made from fibreglass or high-density polyethylene. They are secure and can withstand relatively rough conditions. You should also ensure that the boat has sufficient space to accommodate your entire party comfortably. The vessels have a capacity rating, so you should inquire about your options.

Barbeque Grill and Accessories

BBQ boats have a grill for handling food, but all the appliances are not the same. It is essential to ask about the available options from your boat supplier. The information will allow you to select the most suitable choice for your needs. You should also know whether the company will provide the food handling accessories or you will have to bring your own. For instance, some individuals might prefer a boat with the crockery and cutlery while others would like to use their items.


The sunlight and heat can be overwhelming on the water during a BBQ boat party. Therefore, you should ensure that your vessel comes with a sunshade to shield you from harmful UV radiation. Even if the weather is fine, you should ensure that this feature is available for your safety and comfort. In most cases, the sunshade is foldable. Therefore, you can close up the unit as required like when cooking and taking photos.

Entertainment Setup

Finally, you should check out the entertainment setup in your preferred BBQ boat. Since this vessel is intended for an intimate gathering, there are usually excellent features to promote enjoyment and relaxation. Ideally, you should choose a boat with a music system and suitable speakers. Also, you should check the connectivity options. Bluetooth speakers will provide optimal convenience when playing from the phone.